10 to 12 December 2014 - São Paulo - Brazil

Set Theory, Topology and Banach Spaces

Set theory plays a key role both in general topology and in Banach space theory. The study of these topics frequently involves infinitary combinatorics, and set-theoretic methods have been largely used in these fields, e.g. for obtaining consistency results and constructing exotic topological and Banach spaces. This session will focus on the interactions between all these fields.

Christina Brech - IME/USP
e-mail: brech@ime.usp.br
Rodrigo Roque Dias - IME/USP
e-mail: roque@ime.usp.br

Invited speakers:
Piotr Borodulin-Nadzieja (University of Wroclaw, Poland)
Carlos Martinez-Ranero (Universidad de Concepción, Chile)
Toshimichi Usuba (Kobe University, Japan)

Book of abstracts

  • Wednesday - 17:00-18:00 - Piotr Borodulin-Nadzieja (University of Wroclaw)
          Measures on Suslinean spaces
  • Wednesday - 18:00-18:30 - Santi Domenico Spadaro (IME-USP)
          Selection principles and chain conditions
  • Wednesday - 18:30-19:00 - David Guerrero Sanchez (IME-USP)
          CH implies a compact space K is metrizable if K^2 \ $\Delta$ is dominated by the irrationals
  • Thursday - 8:30-9:30 - Carlos Martinez-Ranero (Universidad de Concepcion)
          Katetov order on MAD families
  • Thursday - 9:30-10:00 - Alberto Marcelino Efigênio Levi (IME-USP)
          Reflection theorems for local cardinal functions
  • Thursday - 10:30-11:00 - Brice Rodrigue Mbombo (IME_USP)
          Non-universality of the group of isometries of the Urysohn-Katetov metric spaces
  • Thursday - 11:00-11:30 - Pedro Kaufmann (Unifesp)
          Products of free spaces and applications
  • Thursday - 11:30-12:00 - Giorgio Venturi (CLE-Unicamp)
          Generalized side conditions
  • Friday - 10:30-11:30 - Toshimichi Usuba (Kobe University)
          Large Lindelöf spaces with points G$\delta$
  • Friday - 11:30-12:00 - Robson Figueiredo (IME-USP)
          Between paracompactness and the D-property
  • Friday - 12:00-12:30 - Omar Selim (IME-USP)
          Adding pathological exhaustive submeasures
  • Friday - 16:30-17:00 - Marcin Sabok (McGill University)
          Automatic continuity for isometry groups
  • Friday - 17:00-17:30 - Henry Jose Gullo Mercado (ICMC-USP)
          Characterization of linearly Lindelöf topological spaces through family of discrete sets
  • Friday - 17:30-18:00 - Samuel G. da Silva (UFBA)
          On the extent of separable, locally compact, selectively (a)-spaces